Photo of fall 2016 students
Members of the 2016 Fall class enter the College of Nursing in Spokane for new-student orientation.

The WSU College of Nursing will welcome 121 new nursing students on campuses in Spokane, Yakima and the Tri-Cities in the fall. The students were selected for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (pre-licensure) program out of nearly 440 applicants.

They will arrive on their campuses for their junior and senior years already experienced in caring for others. All BSN students are required to have accumulated 50 hours of work or volunteer experience for organizations that help them understand the role of professional nurses in health care. Students must write about their experience and what they learned when applying to the WSU College of Nursing.

Said one student, for example, who volunteered at an assisted living facility, “An important aspect of nursing is empathy; however, being able to empathize with people who are dying requires emotional strength…. In order to be a nurse one has to be emotionally capable of dealing with the idea of mortality each day.”

Another student worked with drug-dependent babies in a hospital nursery. One infant “was not calming down and was not due for the next morphine dose for a couple hours… spending a couple hours holding and rocking this baby until he eventually fell asleep really showed me the kind of patience it takes to care for infants.”

The WSU College of Nursing is the largest producer of nurses in Washington, and one of the largest on the West Coast. A 2016 survey of clinical and community partners found that WSU College of Nursing graduates are sought after by hiring managers statewide because of their critical-thinking skills and high level of professionalism.

We’re excited to welcome the fall class of 2017. Go Coug Nurses!

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