Carol Huebner graduated in 1972 from the Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education and went on to notable career successes in both the military and academia. But she never forgot her “very, very warm feelings” for her alma mater, so in 2014, she and her husband Michael Huebner created an endowed scholarship to benefit students at the Washington State University College of Nursing.

“We just wanted to pay it forward so other students could benefit from some financial support,” Carol said of the couple’s $25,000 gift.

She retired from the U.S. Army Nurse Corps in 2001 as a Colonel, with her last job being Chief Nurse of the Army hospital system.  Carol Huebner, PhD, RN, FAAN, also is Professor Emerita from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio after serving on the faculty for 12 years.

Her husband Michael was a chemical engineering student at the University of Washington – “so there’s a little bit of tension there,” Carol noted – and served in the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps for 20 years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

The couple knew each other in high school in Lewiston, Idaho, but didn’t marry until 2013. It was a reunion made possible because Carol’s mother was a fan of Mike’s, she explained, and had kept his address. Her mother died and the address came into Carol’s possession, and Carol’s first husband also died. After a couple years, “I was thinking of Mike again and I wrote him a letter,” she said.

Neither Mike or Carol had children, but they both value a university education and service to the community and nation.  Their annual scholarship gives preference to students who come to the WSU College of Nursing from Whitworth, and for veterans or immediate family members of veterans.

Said Carol, “I’ve had a chance to come back to the college a few times and tour. In my day we practiced on Raggedy Ann dolls if you can imagine. Now the college has a multimillion-dollar simulation center. The school has really come a long way and I’m so proud of it.”