Community Outreach clinicWSU College of Nursing students and faculty coordinated a new community outreach clinic, this time working with kids ages 1-8 living in and around Valley, Washington. The Valley School Health and Safety Camp was a three-day (2 hours/day) day camp led by WSU College of Nursing students and faculty Janessa Graves with the goal of educating children about health and safety topics, exposing children to healthcare careers, helping children become familiar with healthcare providers, and providing health and first aid resources and supplies to send home with the children. Lesson plans were developed and delivered by WSU College of Nursing BSN students for each age group (toddlers, preschoolers, elementary age students). Thirty to forty children attended the camp.

Halle Schulz, one of the BSN students, quickly accepted the volunteer position after completing a healthcare clinical rotation in Peru earlier this summer.

“Community health education is a critical component to creating access to healthcare and improving health. While in Peru, I observed the importance of community health and felt strongly about continuing my volunteer efforts upon returning to Spokane,” said Halle. “As nurses, we have a lot of information we can share with the broader population around general health guidance, healthy meals, and disease prevention.”

“This camp provided nursing students with a unique opportunity to serve a remote, underserved community and practice skills in one-on-one and group teaching of young children,” said Janessa Graves, assistant professor. “The enthusiasm of the students, children, parents, and community members was pervasive throughout the week. Everyone benefited from this camp; I look forward to making it happen again next year.”

Each day of the camp had a specific theme. On the first day, students focused on general health and wellness, and lessons included activities such as hand washing with Glo-Germ, healthy eating, hydration, x-rays, and awareness of hazardous substances in the home. A Stevens County Deputy Sheriff spoke with the children, and at the end of the day, every child took home a water bottle and Mr. Yuk stickers.

The second day was focused on dental health, and one dentist, one hygienist, and two dental assistants from the Lake Roosevelt Community Health Center, together with nursing students, led lessons on toothbrushing, flossing, healthy eating, mouth guards, and general information about visiting the dentist. Each child was provided a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

On the final day of camp day, lessons revolved around safety and injury prevention. The nursing students taught the children about first aid and how to treat common injuries. Guest nurses trained in emergency medicine, including WSU College of Nursing faculty Marian Wilson, led lessons on helmet and life jacket use. Stevens County Fire District 4 provided a demonstration of the fire engine and firefighters gave lessons on equipment and roles of fire departments. Children were given emergency information cards and a comprehensive first aid kit.

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Key Partners
Valley Early Learning Center (Valley School District)
WSU College of Nursing students and faculty
Lake Roosevelt Community Health Center
Byram Healthcare
Stevens County Fire District 4
Stevens County Sheriff’s Office
Emergency Department Nurses: Marian Wilson, John Wilson and Patrick “Starfish” Stanford

Contact: Alli Benjamin, Communications Director, WSU College of Nursing | 509.324.7340