BSN Nursing Students

It’s a serious challenge being asked of all nurses by the Institute of Medicine: lead change in healthcare and healthcare systems to improve health. But where does one even begin?

BSN students in Clinical Assistant Professor Dana Dermody’s leadership class had the opportunity to creatively explore and respond to it. Students were asked to read The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health by the Institute of Medicine (2010), and the report brief Assessing progress on the Institute of Medicine Report The Future of Nursing (2015).

Working in small groups, students were asked to come up with a creative way to showcase how they will impact the future of nursing. Students then presented their work to the class in brief presentations. Creativity overflowed, and students created poems, models, drawings, and collages.

One student group focused on issues pertinent to nurses and how they can redesign healthcare.

“My specific issue was workplace violence and how it serves as a barrier to complete collaboration required to redesign healthcare,” said Lauren Berglind, a student in the course. “I suggested that nurses “bully proof” themselves by not blaming themselves, not becoming a target, diffusing the situation, confronting the bully, and ultimately seeking support. We utilized before and after signs to depict the change that we plan to implement in our career to be full partners in redesigning healthcare.”

Dana believes that using artistic representations encourages students to think more critically and deeper about the complex topic of “the future of nursing” and how they will impact this nursing future.

“The reality is that this graduating class represents the future of nursing. They need to know it and feel it and only then can they impact nursing,” Dana said.

The artwork is displayed on the first floor in Spokane outside of room 105.

BSN student artworkBSN student artwork