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Washington State University's College of Nursing Washington State University’s College of Nursing boasts campuses in such striking locations as Spokane, Yakima, Vancouver, Tri-Cities, and Walla Walla. The primary campus at Spokane is ideal as it gets – historic neighborhoods, urban appeal, and access to four-season recreation. The nursing school itself is at once fantastically modern and natural, managing to achieve a distinct, avant-garde architecture without appearing hopelessly out-of-place or gaudy – the kind of synthesis that would’ve made Frank Lloyd Wright feel right at home. In addition, a hip, culturally savvy downtown offers a full host of night-life activities. But what truly separates this campus is its natural setting. Situated on the Spokane River, described as the “best kept urban secret in the United States today,” the campus borders the popular Centennial Trail and numerous lakes, rivers, ski resorts, and hiking routes. As any local will tell you, just don’t be surprised when you come across a moose roaming through your backyard.