Obert Xu
Obert XU, (BSN ’12) BSN, RN, CEN
Staff RN, Tacoma General Hospital Emergency Department, Tacoma, WA

Obert was born and raised in Australia until he and his family moved to Vancouver at age 10. He began his journey into nursing in high school where he attended the Running Start program and took his nursing prerequisites. He graduated from high school with his Associates Degree at the age of 17. He immediately began the BSN program at WSU Spokane, graduating in 2012, and he is proud to be the college’s youngest graduate ever (19). Since starting his career, Obert has worked in long-term care, school nursing, and the emergency department in Seattle and abroad. He has served as an adjunct instructor at Tacoma Community College and as a CPR instructor in the community. He is now continuing his education and attending medical school in Australia. He is grateful for his nursing background and believes it will serve as a strong foundation as he advances in his medical career.

“I am thankful for the solid nursing education I received at WSU. I surely felt like I received a “World Class” education, “Face to Face.”

Why did you choose nursing as a profession?

Nursing is perhaps one of the most flexible professions. As I challenge myself in this field, I am continuously finding opportunities to practice in unique and exciting specialties. I have worked in long term care, school nursing, and emergency department locally and abroad. Many people do not realize the vast opportunities available. Nurses work in essentially all facets of society – military, overseas, major corporations, airline companies, humanitarian missions, and disaster relief – just to name a few. You will never get bored!

What do you love about WSU College of Nursing?

I am sincerely thankful and grateful for the opportunity to attend Washington State University College of Nursing. The mentorship and genuine care for students from faculty and staff constructed a foundation of support, which constantly reminded me why I chose nursing and the College of Nursing.

What advice would you give to new nursing students just starting at the college?

My advice to incoming nursing students is to take advantage of all that WSU College of Nursing has to offer. There are so many opportunities that complement your nursing education. I wish I had sought out more experiences in nursing research, leadership, teaching, and community engagement. Nursing does not simply end at the end of the day. Find and seek all that this profession has to offer. This is the beginning of such a great journey!

Using a few words or short phrases, describe what makes a Cougar nurse.

Demonstrating cougar spirit, pride in nursing, compassion.