2015 immunization clinic volunteers

By Danielle Cooper

Working collaboratively to improve the health of the Spokane community, WSU College of Nursing BSN students partnered with Spokane Regional Health District, Spokane Public Schools, and the Group Health Foundation to offer a free immunization clinic on Tuesday, February 10.

The clinic was held at Centennial Middle School, offering childhood, adolescent, and adult vaccines, including Influenza, Hepatitis A and B, and Shingles. Community members gained awareness of this event through the newspaper, local media, and distributed fliers at partner agencies.

Laura Osborn, a second semester BSN senior, helped orchestrate the event and recruit BSN students to volunteer. Twenty BSN students, a pediatric clinical group, and two community health clinical groups attended and assisted. Two faculty members, Lori Parisot and Kalista Duibel, served as preceptors for this event.

“The goal of this free immunization clinic is to increase immunization rates for school-required vaccines by giving families easier access to immunizations at no cost,” Osborn said.

The clinic brought in 65 children and adolescents that received 115 vaccinations, and seven adults received 10 vaccinations. Community members spoke highly of the clinic, saying it was fast, well organized, had friendly staff, and was efficient. Volunteers enjoyed the well-planned event and were thankful for the opportunity to interact with children and families to promote health and wellness.

“I think that this event was important for nursing students to participate in because it was a tangible way to make a difference in the health of the community, and it provided a unique multidisciplinary collaboration of first and second semester nursing students,” Osborn said.

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