Ysabel Myers

Ysabel Myers, BSN, RN
DNP Family Nurse Practitioner Student

“Advanced degree nurses can make an economic impact for the system by being key players in the Triple Aim: better health, better care, and reduced cost to the system. As we strive for 100% health care coverage for all, doctors cannot fill the increased need for providers. Nurses and nurse practitioners are able to best fill the gap, particularly in primary care, at a cost that won’t stress the system.”

Ysabel grew up in San Marcos-Cajamarca, a small town in the Peruvian mountains, and by the age of 16, she was pursuing a nursing career. After practicing nursing for two years in Peru, she knew she she’d have few opportunities to advance her nursing career. By age 25, Ysabel moved to the United States to advance her education and pursue her passion of providing “person-centered” care. Her plans after earning her degree? To work directly with patients, understanding their needs in order to provide care that will help improve their health throughout their life cycle.

Tell us a little about your background and what led you to your current program of study.

I’ve been practicing nursing in Washington State for nearly three years. I currently work in the surgical unit at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

As a young woman in Peru, I wanted to be a medical professional. Becoming an RN was the only option at that time and I always wanted more for my career and to continue to grow and share my passion for providing person-centered care. When I moved to the United States, I was thrilled to continue practicing nursing, but nervous about learning my skills in a second language.

I have a lot of compassion for the members of the community, and especially the patients I serve. This sense of compassion, care, and community is an attribute that I bring from growing up in a small town in Peru and from working in the equivalent of a Federally Qualified Health Center in a very poor part of Lima, Peru.

What do you hope to do with your DNP degree?

I am motivated by the opportunity to work with greater independence and be able to treat patients throughout their health and life cycle. I have been interested in advancing my career since I began working here. However, I have been hesitant about this step because of the advanced level of study in a second language, but I became more motivated and encouraged to follow my goals and advance my career after meeting with WSU staff and faculty. Several people have been very honest and supportive, which has helped me with this final push to the beginning step of the program. I have a strong desire to work directly with patients. I want to not only understand their specific needs, but also be able to diagnose and treat them along their path to health.

Why did you choose to obtain your advanced nursing degree at WSU College of Nursing?

I had been looking into the DNP program for more than a year and after meeting with several people, I came to the conclusion that the NP path was the right one for me. I then had the opportunity to meet with some of the directors and administrators of the program, and they were very welcoming and encouraged me to advance my career. WSU has a great reputation, and I have come to understand that the faculty is excellent. Past students speak very highly of the level of programming and instruction and my first hand encounters with them has shown this to be true.

After meetings this summer with some administrators, I came to the conclusion that I would be enrolling in the program soon. The “soon” came very quickly as I was recently given the opportunity to apply based on a scholarship opening. My mind was already made up and this chance got me moving.

How do you see nurses filling the need in our changing health care system?

As this country strives 100% for health care coverage for all, doctors cannot fill the increase in providers needed for this alone. Nurses and nurse practitioners are able to best fill the gap in coverage, particularly in primary care. They are also able to deliver this care at a cost that will not stress the system.

What impact will advanced degree nurses have on the nursing shortage?

Advance degrees for nurses should be able to attract and retain new nurses to the field. Advance degree nurses will be able to assist nurses as a part of the care team in many areas where providers are not, or will not be as available, especially in rural and underserved communities.

How has your nursing career changed or influenced your life?

Since the beginning of my career as an RN in the United States, I have looked into advancing my career. I found that the DNP is a great program to meet and advance my professional goals, something that was not available to me in Peru.

Educationally, my goals are to do well in the program and to gain a high level of knowledge. The WSU program offers many resources for me to do well including great teachers, peer support, mentors, advisors, and tutors. With these tools and my strong desire to do well, I feel the program is suited to meet my educational goals of becoming an NP.

Professionally, my goal is to advance my career and be able to provide a high level of primary care to a variety of patients. Becoming an NP will open these doors for me, whether in a clinic or hospital setting.