Cory Risse
Cory Risse (BSN ’99) BSN, RN

Who inspired you to become a nurse?

My inspiration is my older sister, who is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I remember having the opportunity to shadow her while she worked a shift at a Burn Center in North Carolina. It was an eye opening experience to observe the level of pain and suffering endured by the patients and to see the complexity of the nursing interventions that were being performed. I asked my sister the question “How can you do this job each day?” Her response was “because I feel lucky to be the person who gets the opportunity to make a patient’s life better today.” That experience and outlook truly inspired me to make the choice to become a nurse!

Where are you from?

Spokane, Wa.

Why did you choose nursing as a profession?

It is the perfect mixture of putting your mind to work, while showing care and concern to fellow human beings.

Tell us a little bit about your career, what you are doing, and where you work.

I have spent most of my nursing career working in the field of pediatrics, specifically inpatient pediatric oncology at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. I loved working with children and families, and the field of peds oncology was extremely rewarding for me. I have also had excellent experiences serving as a coordinator for the WSU/Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital Collaborative Pediatric Outreach Program (POP), a school nurse, and a family practice clinic head nurse. Currently, I am a TA and graduate student at WSU College of Nursing. I am enrolled in the Advanced Population Health Master’s Program with an emphasis in Nursing Education. Educational opportunities with patients, families, coworkers, and students have always been the favorite pieces of my nursing practice and I want to take my ability to educate to a different level.

Why did you choose to attend WSU College of Nursing?

I had an extremely positive experience in my undergraduate education at WSU- in both Pullman and Spokane . I LOVE being a Coug and there is no other choice for me!

What do you love about WSU College of Nursing?

The immense positivity and support from the faculty and staff.

Who is your favorite faculty and why?

Too many to choose from! I loved them all!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Go Cougs!!