College and Army ROTC renew agreement ensuring five spaces for qualified cadets in BSN program

Army cadets interested in nursing careers will continue to have the chance to enroll at WSU College of Nursing with the resigning of an Army ROTC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU outlines an agreement reserving five spaces annually for qualified army cadets in the College’s Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing (BSN) program in Spokane.

In order for cadets to earn a spot in program, they must apply for and meet all of the program’s enrollment requirements. From the applicant pool, ROTC leaders jointly select the five cadets to be awarded seats in the program. The ROTC leaders continue to mentor and stay in close communication with students and faculty once enrolled.

“It’s tough to be an Army ROTC cadet, and it’s tough to be a Nursing student,” Lieutenant Colonel and Professor of Military Sciences Todd Plotner said. “Combine these demands, and you’ll see why no other academic major in ROTC is managed with such attentiveness and rigor. Army nursing is a tough profession and a high calling. We expect Army nurses to be caring, compassionate, smart, and tough. We thank the WSU College of Nursing for our continued partnership in training the nurses who will soon provide exceptional care to those who defend and protect our Nation.”

A reception and signing ceremony was held at the College with fellow military faculty, army nursing cadets, military and College leaders present. Lt. Adam Busby, a WSU College of Nursing 2012 graduate of the program, captured the enthusiasm and his deep appreciation for the experience.

“WSU College of Nursing understands that medicine is a battleground no matter where a nurse is working. Be it pushing for evidence based practice at a small community clinic, to administering medication in a military hospital. I feel confident that my training in both ROTC and WSU College of Nursing prepared me for the challenges I will face in my career.”

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