At the Washington State Nurses Convention, WSNA recognized and honored colleagues and community partners who have made significant personal and professional contributions towards the advancement of nurses, the profession and the association. Debbie Brinker, WSU College of Nursing faculty and co-director of the undergraduate program, was selected a WSNA’s Nurse Educator of the Year.


Debbie Brinker is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Washington State University College of Nursing, and has been working here since 2002. She received her BSN from the University of Washington and her MSN as a Pediatric Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist from the University of California in San Francisco. Her teaching experience includes professional development, leadership education, and pediatric clinical and didactic education. She has also co-led a Health care in Peru inter-professional course for two summers. Debbie is co-chair of the east region clinical placement consortium, which partners with regional consortiums to create best practices in clinical learning opportunities for students.

Her clinical expertise is in pediatrics where she has worked as a Pediatric/Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Clinical Nurse Specialist, nurse manager, and staff nurse. Her additional roles include being a camp nursing volunteer at YMCA Camp Reed, accreditation reviewer, military nurse, and medical mission trips to Ethiopia. She is a national Past-President of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), where she continues to be actively involved. Her current AACN work includes serving on the Healthy Work Environment Speaker Bureau, acting as faculty for the AACN CSI (Clinical Scene Investigator) Academy, and as a consultant and liaison to multiple organizations. She consults as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for pediatric care, as well as in team leadership.

Debbie has a passion for growing our future generation of nurses with a spirit of inquiry, quest for research and applying evidence in practice. Through her teaching she provides a foundation for nurses to lead and work with team members to optimize health care outcomes for patients, families, and populations around the world. Debbie currently serves as a faculty advisor for Nursing Students of Washington State (NSWS) where she is recognized as visionary mentor, leader, colleague, and friend. Her enthusiasm for learning is evident in almost every conversation held!

As printed by the Washington State Nurses Association on May 2, 2013.