Welcome to the Washington State University College of Nursing page for tobacco cessation training. The purpose of this training is to provide students and clinicians with clinical skills to help patients who use tobacco to quit at every encounter and at any setting. The tobacco cessation training course is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1 is the instructive content which is composed of 5 lectures. The estimated time for completing this part is four hours and is completed online. To start the course, click on each PDF below and review the content.

1. Epidemiology of Tobacco Use

2. Nicotine Pharmacology and Principles of Addiction

3. Drug Interaction with Tobacco

4. Assisting Patients with Quitting

5. Aids for Cessation

  • Part 2 is the practical training, completed in a classroom setting, where participants are given the opportunity to practice their skills using the 5A model.

We hope that you benefit from this educational material, and thank you for visiting this site!