Investing in the College of Nursing

Since its inception in 1969, WSU College of Nursing has grown in size and influence. Our founding mothers brought courage, diplomacy, and vision to our college. They demonstrated that nurses stand second-to-none and are an integral part of healthcare delivery. By embodying our values of integrity, caring, altruism, social justice, and maximizing health potential, we have carried on their traditions and are delivering the best and most dedicated nurses into the global health care community.

WSU College of Nursing remains committed to excellence in research, education, and practice. Our success is dependent upon the generosity of dedicated alumni, friends, faculty, and staff. We are humbled and honored when you extend your commitment to invest in our mission of inspiring and transforming health care for generations to come.

The development team would be delighted to help you support work that is especially meaningful to you – whether it’s committing to a monthly or annual gift, including the College of Nursing in your will, or establishing an endowment. Please visit the WSU Foundation website to learn about the various ways you can give, through outright gifts of cash, stock, real estate, corporate matching, planned giving, and more. Start today by making a difference in nursing excellence with your philanthropic gift.