Current Funding Priorities

The College of Nursing identifies new priorities each year through thoughtful consideration and has identified these priorities below. To further our mission, the college invites you to help the programs grow in excellence by supporting the following funds.

Dean's Excellence Fund

Annual gifts to the Dean’s Excellence Fund are used at the dean’s discretion for the college’s most urgent needs in teaching, scholarship, and research. These unrestricted funds enable the Dean to act immediately to meet unanticipated needs or opportunities as they arise to ensure continuity in faculty and educating exceptional nurses. The dean strives to maintain and increase strong partnerships to help support scholarships, secure clinical placement sites, invite visiting scholars, and, recruit, retain, and strengthen leaders within the college. By supporting the Dean’s Excellence Fund, you are helping to prepare the next generation of nurses, and your contribution is the most direct way to make an immediate impact. The dean’s most urgent funding priorities are faculty innovation, clinical initiatives, and transforming nurse practitioner education.

» Faculty Innovation
» Clinical Initiatives
» Transforming Nurse Practitioner Education

Through implementation of a 3-year nurse practitioner program (DNP), WSU is preparing nurses to be leaders in clinical practice. Students practice at the most advanced level of nursing, working in various health care settings under the guidance of experienced faculty mentors and community experts. Help WSU acquire funding to secure top quality clinical placements in the state of Washington. Give to nursing.

» Scholarships and Fellowships

Additional Nursing Funds


Endowments are a particularly powerful investment in WSU College of Nursing’s future because they deliver a dependable, perpetual source of funding. Endowed funds are established by donors for specific purposes, such as named scholarships or professorships and are unique in that the gift is invested. Each year, a percentage of the endowment’s 36-month rolling average is distributed to benefit the College of Nursing. The rest is re-invested to ensure growth, maintaining the fund’s spending power far into the future. In this respect, an endowment is intended to be a perpetual gift.

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