The BSN is currently offered in Spokane, Tri-Cities, and Yakima.


  • Applicants should be advised by their pre-nursing advisor at their respective school.
  • The college accepts transfer students, but preference is given to students admitted to one of the consortium institutions—Eastern Washington University, Washington State University, or Whitworth University. All others will be considered transfer students.
  • If you are already an RN and want to pursue your BSN, look at our RN-BSN program option.


  • If you plan to apply to the pre-licensure program for fall 2014 admission, you must complete the TEAS test by February 5, 2014. TEAS scores are due to Nursing CAS by February 7, 2014. Information on testing days, times, and locations for fall 2014 is available on our TEAS Test page.
  • Applicants must be at junior standing (60 semester credits/90 quarter credits).
  • 50 hours of work/volunteer experience.
    Download experience log form
    This requirement is for Spring 2015 applicants.
    Fall 2014 applicants Do Not need to meet this requirement.
  • Favorable evaluation of all information in the application file by the Undergraduate Admissions and Progression Committee at the College of Nursing. 
  • WSU University Common Requirements (UCORE) or equivalent course work must be completed prior to application.
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in all college course work.
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in College of Nursing’s prerequisite courses.
  • Minimum grade for each prerequisite course - 2.0 (pass/satisfactory grades and CLEP scores are not accepted).
  • No more than three prerequisite courses may be in progress during the final quarter/semester of lower division requisite coursework.
  • All coursework must be completed by the end of the spring term for fall admission, or by the end of fall term for spring admission.


  • The College of Nursing uses a Centralized Application Service (CAS). All students applying to the BSN program apply through the CAS. The fee is $45.00. View NursingCAS application instructions.
  • Applicants select the (one) campus they plan on attending: Spokane, Tri-Cities, or Yakima.
  • Current home and email addresses must be included in your CAS application.
  • The application process opens twice a year. Please refer to our BSN application instructions and deadlines for more information.
  • All official transcripts must be received by Nursing CAS by the designated deadline. Please refer to our BSN application instructions and deadlines for more information.
  • DO NOT apply to WSU at this time. If you are selected to interview, you will receive instructions to apply to the University at that time.
  • Apply for Financial Aid. Deadline to apply is February 15 for the following academic year. WSU FAFSA code is 003800.
  • You will be notified if you have been selected for the interview process after submitting your application. Please refer to our BSN application instructions and deadlines for more information on when to expect this notification.
  • If you do not complete all requirements in your last quarter or semester prior to admission with a 2.0 grade or higher, or if you fail a prerequisite course, your application will not be considered.
  • The College of Nursing does not review letters of recommendation or personal essays. Please do not send them to Nursing CAS or to the College of Nursing.


  • If you are invited for a personal interview, you must participate in it to complete the application process. Telephone interviews are not accepted.
  • Fall 2014 applicants must bring a copy of their unofficial winter transcripts in a sealed envelope marked confidential.
  • On the day of your interview, expect to participate in a proctored writing exam.
  • Apply directly to WSU.


  • Students are required to submit evidence of first aid certification, CPR certification, immunization records, and completed tuberculosis testing, which must be obtained prior to entering the nursing program. CPR and First Aid certification trainings are made available during new student orientation. New students not certified at the time of admission may participate in these trainings to fulfill the requirement.
  • Clinical placement is contingent upon a satisfactory criminal background clearance.
  • A clinical background check is required upon admission. In addition, Washington State Law RCW 43.43 requires that a disclosure statement must be made by applicants to clinical/internship sites concerning certain civil adjudications, conviction records of crimes against persons, and disciplinary board final decisions. Background inquiries may be made to local, state, and/or federal law enforcement agencies. Individuals may not be eligible for licensure in the state of Washington if they have certain criminal convictions or other adjudications on their record. Further, because of requirements for clinical placements and internships, if individuals have certain criminal convictions or other adjudications on their record, they may not be able to complete a degree, regardless of whether they were admitted to the program.
  • Clinical placement is contingent upon a satisfactory criminal background clearance.
  • National Background Clearance and Liability Insurance upon acceptance to the College of Nursing.